LaundroKart Referral Code: DE188011 | Get Upto ₹500 Cashback

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LaundroKart Referral Code: DE188011 | LaundroKart App Download | Laundry Service in Bangalore

LaundroKart is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that makes doing your laundry easier than ever before.

With the online platform, you can now get your clothes washed without leaving the comfort of your home.

No more lugging heavy loads of dirty clothes to the laundromat!

LaundroKart Referral Code

It offers affordable and convenient services throughout Bengaluru and guarantees fresh, clean clothes delivered right to your doorstep.

Plus, the customer service team is always ready to assist with any question or request you may have regarding our services.

Let us help make doing laundry simpler for you today!

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LaundroKart Referral Code

LaundroKart Referral Code

LaundroKart Referral CodeDE188011
LaundroKart App Download LinkDownload
Referral BonusGet up to Rs. 500 Cashback
LaundroKart Refer and EarnEarn Rs.250.00 Lk credits,

Services of LaundroKart

5-Star Dry Cleaning

LaundroKart partnered with luxury 5-star hotels that have the best Laundry facilities and Experts

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process where garments are cleaned using a chemical solvent. We use Hydro Carbon machine, to process your Delicate garments!

Shoe Laundry

LaundroKart expert shoe laundry service will transform your soiled shoe into a brand new one.

We can handle all variants of shoes. For more info: Shoe Laundry

Carpet Cleaning

LaundroKart carpet cleaning professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art industrial machinery to provide you the best service.

Wash and Iron

Garments are 100% bio-degradable detergents. Ideal for daily, gym & casual wear. Price starts from Rs.18 for Wash & Iron.

Wash and Fold

Garments are 100% bio-degradable detergents. Ideal for daily, gym & casual wear.

The price starts at Rs.18 for Wash & Fold.

Steam ironing

LaundroKart uses steam ironing machines to ensure minimal exposure to heat and the softness of clothes is intact.


Don’t discard your torn precious garments.

Their fabric experts can darn the damages and hide them so they will be unnoticeable.


Is the colour of your favourite attire fading away? Or are you bored of wearing the same coloured dress? If yes, try our Dyeing service to change the colour of it.

Curtain Care

LaundroKart launches Curtain Care. A specialized service to give your expensive curtains a spa-like treatment. For more info visit: Curtain Care

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