Teji Mandi Referral Code: Earn Rs. 300 Per Referral

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Teji Mandi Referral Code: iB6Bitqx, Teji Mandi Refer and Earn, Teji mandi App Review

To sign up and receive Rs 300 cashback, use the Teji Mandi referral code iB6Bitqx

Teji Mandi is a Motilal Oswal Financial Services subsidiary and a SEBI-Registered Research Analyst.

Teji Mandi Referral Code

It provides investors with an actively managed portfolio with a pocket-friendly and flat pricing.

Teji Mandi Referral Code: iB6Bitqx

App name Teji Mandi
Teji Mandi APK DownloadClick Here To Download 
Teji Mandi Referral CodeiB6Bitqx
Teji Mandi referral bonus Rs. 300 Instant Cashback

To sign up and receive Rs 300 cashback, use the Teji Mandi referral code iB6Bitqx

Teji Mandi Subscription Fee?

You can subscribe to our advisory services for: Teji Mandi Flagship portfolio: 34% savings when you opt for 12-month plan over 6 months.

  • 6 months – ₹ 894 (₹149 per month)
  • 12 months – ₹ 1188 (₹99 per month)

Teji Mandi Multiplier portfolio:

  • 3 months – ₹ 1,497 (₹499 per month)
  • 6 months – ₹ 2,394 (₹399 per month)

Investment Needed in Teji Mandi (Referral Code)

It depends on the value of the 15-20 stocks in our portfolios.

Since you cannot buy partial stocks in India, this is the minimum amount needed to have a balanced and diversified portfolio.

This amount may vary by a few rupees based on the current stock price.

Why does Teji Mandi charge a subscription fee?

Teji Mandi is a fee-only advisor.

They charge a nominal fixed fee on the advice they give regardless of the amount you invest.

Unlike many advisors in the market, we do not make commissions on products from any third-party companies.

This ensures that we are only working for you and not for any other person’s interests.

Teji Mandi’s offerings are aligned with the best interest of investors.

1. Affordable and fixed flat fee regardless of the amount you invest.

2. No commission, no hidden charges.

3. Portfolio is actively managed by the founder and CIO of Teji Mandi.

4. We operate purely as an advisor. Stocks are held in investors’ Demat accounts.

5. Our recommendations only serve one purpose – increasing wealth creation opportunities.

Easy Steps to Earn Through the Teji Mandi Referral Code

Install the Teji Mandi app from the Play Store or App Store, or Click here to Download the App

Register your profile.

Choose a subscription plan.

Complete the payment. Enter the Teji Mandi referral code while making the subscription payment.

If we have your UPI information, we will directly issue the cashback to you.

Otherwise, you can tap on the ‘Withdraw’ option on the referral screen to enter your account details and earn your payout.

Refer More, Earn More- Teji Mandi Referral Code

There are no limits to earning! Invite as many people as you like. All you need to do is:

Introduce your friends and family to the Teji Mandi app and earn Rs 300.

Your friends/family will also get Rs 300 cashback in their account after subscribing!

For every friend that subscribes using your Teji Mandi referral code, we will give you Rs 300 as direct cashback.

Actively managed portfolio of 15-20 stocks curated by experts.

Weekly portfolio review in text and video format in English and Hindi languages.Regular portfolio rebalancing based on the market conditions. No additional rebalancing charges.

Stock rationales with every stock we enter and exit.

Well-researched and premium finance content at no extra cost.

Ease of investment with entry and exit of stocks in a few clicks.

Active support for any query or concern.

About Teji Mandi Portfolios

Teji Mandi Flagship Portfolio

The Flagship portfolio consists of 15-20 stocks that blend short-term tactical bets with long-term winners.

This ensures that investors get the advantage of stocks that would compound over a 12–18-month period and can take advantage of a particular company/sector situation from a 3–6-month perspective.

Certain Tenets of the Flagship Portfolio

This all-weather multi-cap portfolio of 15–20 stocks from the Nifty 500 universe provides optimum liquidity.

The Teji Mandi Flagship Portfolio delivered an annualized CAGR of 38.20% (as of August 17, 2022).

The portfolio rebalancing is usually done monthly, but it is all subject to market conditions.

The portfolio is suitable for investors with a low to medium risk appetite looking to earn above-market returns in a calibrated manner.

We employ a disciplined selling strategy in which we exit stocks under three conditions – Change in the company’s or industry’s fundamentals, negativity around the company or sector, and an extreme macroeconomic and market situation.

Teji Mandi Multiplier Portfolio

The Multiplier portfolio consists of small- and mid-cap stocks.

These companies have a lower market capitalisation and are riskier.

Still, they have an extremely high potential for growth, which means that these companies hold the promise of significant wealth creation over the long term.

The stocks in the Multiplier portfolio are potential multibaggers.

Certain Tenets of the Multiplier Portfolio

The companies in the portfolio have a superior track record of capital allocation.

Excellent corporate governance, a strong capital allocation track record, and strong, sustainable competitive advantages ensure we identify winners.

Teji Mandi Multiplier portfolio delivered an annual CAGR of 51.14% (as of August 17, 2022).

There is no specific rebalancing frequency for the multiplier portfolio. It is a long-term portfolio and is not rebalanced at regular intervals.

The portfolio is suitable for investors with a medium to high-risk appetite looking for aggressive returns in the market.

Terms and Conditions (Teji Mandi Referral Code)

This is a limited time offer available only to new subscribers.

Teji Mandi referral codes are not applicable for renewals.

It reserves the right to disallow the cashback and cancel the subscription if the subscriber is found to misuse the referral code.

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