Teji Mandi vs SmallCase: Which One to Choose?

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Teji Mandi vs Smallcase: In this another important post, I will be discussing the Teji Mandi vs Smallcase.

Both Platform helps you to manage your portfolio. Teji Mandi and Smallcase works in slightly different ways which you will get to know in this Teji Mandi vs Smallcase Post.

You can also try the Dhan App to start your investment journey.

Teji Mandi vs SmallCase

Teji Mandi vs Smallcase

Read the complete article to know about Teji Mandi App vs Smallcase and Which one is better for you.

About Teji Mandi

Teji Mandi vs Smallcase

Teji Mandi is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Investment strategy combines short-term tactical bets with long-term winners.

Teji Mandi portfolio comprises 15-20 high-quality stocks vetted by our expert team of portfolio managers and research analysts.

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App name Teji Mandi
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App rebalance our portfolios regularly to help investors rearrange their portfolios based on external market conditions, quality stock-picking, and a disciplined selling strategy. 

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About Smallcase

Teji Mandi vs Smallcase

While the term ‘Smallcase’ is synonymous with a company of the same name.

It uses the RIA model for investing and is modelled around legacy portfolio management strategies that have so far been reserved for large investors.

In simple terms, ‘Smallcase’ refers to a collection of a group of stocks based on a certain sector, technology or theme that SEBI-approved fund managers manage.

No lock-in periods, affordable investment options, theme-based asset classes etc., are some of the features of Smallcase.

Teji Mandi has direct integration with 16 listed brokers.

You may still access the portfolio if your broker is not listed with the Teji Mandi app.

All you need to do is manually enter all the recommended stocks using your Demat account and track your investments on the Teji Mandi app.

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How Teji Mandi is Different from Smallcase

  • Teji Mandi is a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal.
  • Our portfolios – Flagship and Multiplier – are curated and actively managed by a team of experts.
  • As of August 5, Teji Mandi Flagship portfolio delivered an annual CAGR of 35.94%. Teji Mandi Multiplier Portfolio delivered an annual CAGR of 51.14%.
  • We share timely rebalance updates and also the rationale behind each stock picking.
  • A subscription model with fixed fees and no hidden charges.
  • Track your portfolio in an easy-to-use app in just a few clicks.
  • Affordable subscription plans, starting at Rs 99 per month.
  • We also offer a jargon-free daily newsletter to make you a better investor.

Features Offered by Teji Mandi and Smallcase

Apart from the well-curated stock portfolios, Teji Mandi has its own add-on services. Some of the services include:

– Detailed analysis of the portfolio

– Weekly portfolio updates

– Exclusive articles on trending topics and market updates.

– Exclusive webinars access conducted by market experts.

– Support from the expert team 

– Access to knowledge hub

– Refer and earn Rs 300 for each referral

-Smallcase has its own add-on services as well. Added services include:

– Portfolio support

– Access to other portfolios as well

Smallcase Limitations 

  • Smallcase does not provide a detailed analysis of the portfolio.
  • Users are not provided weekly portfolio updates on how the portfolio is performing.
  • Users do not get handpicked feature articles on market updates and trending topics.

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