Best Water Purifier in Bangalore: Choose the Best One

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Best Water Purifier in Bangalore: For Bangalore, I would suggest going for DrinkPrime RO Purifier.

This is a brand you can trust. And also, it is Made in India for our Indians.

I am using the same from past 2.5 yrs and believe me it takes a lot of stress from my head.

You can also check DrinkPrime vs Livpure for better understanding.

Best use I found of DrinkPrime was in the time of Lockdown. When people were struggling for Water Cans.

Best Water Purifier in Bangalore

I was chilling out at my home. That was the time I realized that I made a good decision by opting for Best Water Purifier in Bangalore – DrinkPrime.

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Features of DrinkPrime

1. No Investment
2. Free Lifetime maintenance
3. Free Installation and relocation facility
4. 7 Stage Purification
5. Made in India
6. Flexible plans

DrinkPrime plans starts as low as 350/month.

No other purifiers gave service in this lock down except for DrinkPrime.

These are some technical specifications of the device

Best Water Purifier in Bangalore

Best Water Purifier in Bangalore – DrinkPrime gives you a Bluetooth enabled purifier (filter rather), which you need to synchronize with your phone.

The purifier itself is merely a sedimentation gravity filter which is typically the one which we used in Indian households which is quite common due to its low cost.

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Why Choose DrinkPrime

Best Water Purifier in Bangalore

When we talk about Best Water Purifier in Bangalore, you must be wondering why I am suggesting DrinkPrime.

Because if you go for this purifier, you are literally paying ZERO for the device.

ZERO for Installation and ZERO for its maintenance.

Yes, you heard it right. The company takes care of everything.

It’s a rental RO service. You just have to pay a monthly rental as long as you are using it.

If you don’t believe me, check out its google reviews.

The only regret you will have after opting for the service will be why you didn’t opt for this earlier.

DrinkPrime’s smart subscription plans start from just ₹333* and are suitable for bachelors as well as families of all sizes! 

Contact Information


#9/A, Chukki Complex,
19th Main Rd,Sector 3, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Book free service on drinkprime with ease.

You can also contact their customer service if you have any kind of issue with service.

Best Water Purifier in Bangalore

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