DrinkPrime Review: Water Purifier on Subscription

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DrinkPrime Review: DrinkPrime is a customized water purifier that has filters based on your area water quality!

We will discuss DrinkPrime Review and will try to give you a overall understanding of DrinkPrime in detail in this post !

DrinkPrime’s smart subscription plans start from just ₹333* and are suitable for bachelors as well as families of all sizes! 

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Check your water purifier health in real time!

DrinkPrime Review

Track your daily water consumption and reach out for help anytime!

DrinkPrime RO water purifier is completely operated through the DrinkPrime app

DrinkPrime Referral Code Review App Download

DrinkPrime Referral CodeTOH3GM43
App Download LinkDownload
Referral Bonus
Sign-Up Bonus
15 Days Free + Rs.200
No. of Users1 Lakh+ users

How to Sign up on DrinkPrime

1. Click on the below link & Install the App.

2. Open the App.

3. Verify Your Mobile Number & Enter OTP.

4. Enter First Name, Contact Number, E-Mail & City Name.

5. Choose Your Plan Accordingly and Start Getting Benefits of DrinkPrime.

Advantage of DrinkPrime (Review)

– No dependency on unreliable and unhygienic water cans

– No expenses that disruptyour monthly budget

– No more under-purified or over-purified drinking water

DrinkPrime Refer & Earn

1. Refer your friend

2. Your Friend Installs DrinkPrime

3. You get Rs 500

4. Your Friend gets Rs 200

T&C of Referral program

“Successful referral” refers to the scenario where DrinkPrime is successfully installed in the referee’s house.

On each “Successful referral”, the referrer will get assured ₹500 and the referee will gets ₹200 once the 7-day trial period ends.

The minimum amount for redemption is ₹500.

The amount will get credited to your DrinkPrime wallet within 3 working days.

You can transfer the amount from the DrinkPrime wallet to your Bank A/c or UPI by visting the Rewards section on the DrinkPrime app.

DrinkPrime reserves the right to change the program or terminate the program at any given time.

Features of DrinkPrime – (Review)

– Zero Upfront Investment

– 7 days Risk-Free Trial

– Periodically schedule maintenance for a hassle-free experience

– Cancel Anytime

– Trusted by 1 lakh + user across India (Delhi – Bengaluru – Hyderabad)

– Customized Filters based on input water quality

How To Subscribe For DrinkPrime(Review)

1. Book the Perfect Plan for You. If you will request a callback, They will suggest the perfect plan when they contact you.

DrinkPrime Review

2. Submit your Details

3.Enter Referral Code TOH3GM43 to get sign up bonus.

3. Make the Payment

4. Get DrinkPrime installed in 48 hours!

How DrinkPrime is Different from Normal Purifier

DrinkPrime Review
DrinkPrime Plans

Smart Ownership is the smarter way of Owning your Water Purifier. With Smart Ownership Program, DrinkPrime promises you 2 things:
· installation of Smart purifier at your place free of cost (No upfront Investment).
· Providing Lifetime free Maintenance (No AMC Crap).

Reasons to Choose DrinkPrime

Smart Ownership is a smarter way of owning a water Purifier rather than spending a hefty amount upfront to buy a Water Purifier and Thousands every year on Expensive Maintenance Contracts.

With DrinkPrime, You just have to pay us a small amount based on what you consume and leave the rest to them.

DrinkPrime Review

More than 65% of people who own a water purifier do not get Pure Water simply because the purification capacity of a Water Purifier is as good as its Maintenance Cycle.

DrinkPrime Review

Trusted by 1 Lakh+ people across Bengaluru, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad

4 **** star rating on Play Store

Reviewed by 15,000 people on Google.

1. Its an RO+UV+MINERELAIZER purifier that you are getting. You can also feel the difference in the taste of the water.

2. There are so many types of plans you could choose from. The is solo, couple, family. And you could change your plan whenever you want.

3. You can track how much water you are using in the app and how much water you have left in your plan.

4. You can use my DrinkPrime Referral Code TOH3GM43 to avail 15 days worth of free water.

5. Maintenance is so much handy. They are literally one call away

6. Hassle free installation, one guy would come in the first half to deliver and take the advance and in the second half the installation guy would come and fix it all.

7. They give you a TDS check after theya re done with the installation.

8. They are very polite and help you with every doubt. So there is transparency.

9. Return policy is quite neat here.

10. In case if you are travelling and are not there at your premises, costs would be reduced for you

11. You would receive a lot many offers from the purifier renters in the market.

Trust me drink prime is one of the most genuine ones. So go for it.

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Contact Information


#9/A, Chukki Complex,
19th Main Rd,Sector 3, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Book free service on drinkprime with ease.

DrinkPrime Review

You can also contact their customer service if you have any kind of issue with service.

DrinkPrime Review

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